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Advertising can be an art all on it's own.  Sandau Enterprises UK can help you with advertising your business by making sure it is legal and just as importantly, targeted.

The current booklet holds over 100 ways to find and target new customers.  It costs 19.99 and can be purchased by emailing us, ringing us or even find us on the edfirst website and getting in touch through that.

About us.
With over 50 years of experience in our fields we know we can help you to set up and improve your business.  No matter what the format or situation, we will be here to help you and lead the way to your success.

We will not do or advise any kind of illegal or unethical actions.

We will ensure that no business we help or recommend uses any kind of slavery or unacceptable ethics.

Our Data Protection comes with the simple statement that, 'None of your information will ever be passed on without your direct consent.'   01874 636986

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